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Thank you for your interest in Anaheim Dental Group!


To contact us online, please complete the form on the right, or if you would like an immediate response, call us now at 714- 870-6611


Our team is passionate about your smile and aims to exceed your expectations. If for any reason we can be of further assistance, please call at 714- 870-6611 or email us at

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Anaheim Dental Group

40 E. Orangethorpe Ave.
Anaheim, CA 94158


Tel: 714-870-6611 ( English, Spanish)
714-889-8188  (Korean)


Office Hours

Monday          9:30       to      6:30
Tuesday         9:30       to      6:30
Wednesday             Closed
Thursday        9:30       to      6:30
Friday             9:30       to      6:30
Saturday         9:30       to      5:00
Sunday                     Closed

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